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Here's the old news...

Mar-Apr 13

Thanks to Prof. Mark Sansom & his group at Oxford for hosting Jan as a sabbatical visitor!
Feb 22 13

Congrats to David, Tyler and Aaron - first structural data on the apelin receptor now published in BBA Biomembranes!
Feb 13

Marie and Jan have fun in Tallahassee doing solid-state NMR on spider silk at the NHMFL.
Dec 12

Thanks to an Equipment Grant from the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation, our spectrofluorometer will now have time-resolved acquisition capabilities.
Dec 7 12

Collaborative paper with Dr. Nik Thomas involving alumnus Erica now out in J Bacteriol!
Nov 28 12

Congrats to Lingling - report of recombinant wrapping silk fibre formation now out in PLoS One!
Oct 12

Adi, Jan, Kyung, Lingling, Marie and Muzaddid present at MOOT in Quebec - Nigel goes along for the road trip (and science)!
Aug 12

Europe beckons: Marie, Muzaddid and Jan present at ICMRBS in Lyon while Kyung is presenting at RegPep 2012 in Copenhagen. Nice work everyone!
July 20 12

Hearty congrats to Adi on a well-earned transfer to the PhD program!
July 6 12

Congrats to Tyler on your J Phys Chem B paper now in press!
June 12

Jan is the grateful recipient of a CIHR New Investigator Award.
May 12

Our NSERC Discovery Grant on protein fibril formation is renewed for another 5 years. Thanks to Principal Applicant Dr. David Jakeman, Dal's 500 MHz NMR spectrometer will also have a new NSERC RTI-funded double-resonance SmartProbe!/td>
May 12

Congrats to Marie on you NSHRF Doctoral Scholarship!
May 12

Big congrats to Marie and Kyung on your NSERC PGS-D and CGS-M scholarships!!! Marie also earns the Dalhousie President's Award!
Late April/early May 12

Welcome to Danielle, Kathleen and Sara!
Apr 14 12

Muzaddid presents a nice poster at the Chemical Biophysics Symposium in Toronto.
Mar 26 12

Congrats to Dr. David Langelaan on an outstanding PhD defence!
Feb 25-29 12

Congrats to Pascaline for winning a highly competitive CPOW Travel Award to present her poster at the Biophysical Society Meeting in San Diego. Congrats also due to Adi, David and Marie for great poster presentations in San Diego.
Jan 12

Welcome to Nathan!
Nov 3 11

David gave a great seminar today as winner the 2011 Doug Hogue Award! Way to go David on winning this well deserved award.
Oct 21-23 11

Congrats to David, Marie and Muzaddid on great NMR MOOT presentations in Toronto. Double congrats to Marie for winning a Suraj Manrao Student Poster Award for the second year in a row!
Oct 12 11

Marie and Lingling's silk chemical shift assignments appear in Biomol NMR Assign! Nice work.
Oct 1 11

Our NSERC Engage Grant with Vive Nano in Toronto is now underway.
Sept 11

Welcome to grad school Kyung and Nigel (and Chris at McGill) and thanks for staying on in the lab Lesley! Matt and Ryan are also ramping up for honours now.
July 14 11

Congrats to Dr. Tyler Reddy on a great defence! Rounding out the day, Tyler finds out he has been awarded a CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship. Nice work, all around, Tyler!!!
June 11

Welcome to Lingling!
June 5-9 11

Aaron, David, Marie, Muzaddid and Pascaline (& Jan) all gave great presentations at the CSC in Montreal. Fun was had by all!
May 2 11

Marie is featured in a Dal News article on Let's Talk Science.
Apr/May 11

Welcome to Jordan, Matthew, Nigel and Ryan and welcome back Erica!
Apr 14 11

Our molecular biology "satellite lab" in 10-H1 is now open for business!
Apr 9 11

David, Marie, Muzaddid and Pascaline all gave great presentations at the 10th Chemical Biophysics Symposium in Toronto. Good work!
Mar 17 11

We now have a Picassa lab photo sharing website set up. Check it out here!
Mar 5-9 11

Congrats to David for a great platform presentation and Marie, Pascaline & Tyler for great poster presentations at Biophysics in Baltimore!
Jan 11

Our apelin project is now funded for an additional 5 years by the CIHR! Great news!
Nov 7 10

David and Mike's paper on MC-HELAN is now in press with J Chem Inf Model! Way to go guys!
Oct 16 10

Congrats to Marie on winning a Suraj Manrao Student Poster Award at NMR MOOT XXIII!!!
Sept 20 10

Congrats to Marie on her NSHRF Research Skills Award to attned to the 2010 UK NMR BootCamp in Birmingham, England! Have fun, Marie!
Sept 10

Welcome to Aditya!
July 19 10

Congrats to Aaron on his CIHR CGS-M scholarship!!! (On top of a Killam Scholarship!)
June 28 10

Welcome to Muzaddid!
May 15 10

NSERC funds our Engage project working with Ocean Nutrition Canada.
May 13-15 10

Pascaline presents at the 2nd Annual Terry Fox Research Institute Scientific Meeting in Vancouver. Good work!
May 1 10

Congrats to Marie for winning an NSHRF Student Research Award scholarship!!!
May 1 10

Congrats to Aaron, Caitlin, Erica and Kyung for NSERC USRA's this summer!!! Welcome also to Chris, Duncan and Lesley for the summer!
April 15-18 10

David wins both a travel award and a poster presentation award at the 53rd CSBMCB meeting in Banff! Pascaline, David & Jan present posters and Jan gives a talk.
April 9-11 10

Aaron & Marie win travel awards to attend the 9th Chemical Biophysics Symposium in Toronto! Aaron & Marie give talks; Aaron & Jan present posters.
April 10

Marie & Aaron's chemical shifts analysis paper is out in this month's issue of J Biomol NMR! Tyler and David both have mini-reviews out in this month's Biochem Cell Biol. Good work everyone!
Feb 19 10

David wins a Student Travel Award to go to the 54th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
Feb 12 10

Tyler wins a Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement to go to the Sansom lab at Oxford. Sounds like fun, indeed.
Feb 10

Tyler's NHE1 dynamics paper is finally "officially" in print in BBA Biomembranes! Nice job, Tyler!
Jan 10

Our 2009 apelin paper in Biochemistry was the 14th most accessed paper of 2009. Not too shabby!
Dec 09

Pascaline is awarded a CRTP Postdoctoral Fellowship - way to go!
July 13 09

Our JPK Nanowizard Ultra AFM has been installed! Stay tuned for exciting results. See pictures of the instrument on the research page.
June 09

Marie wins a travel award for the Canadian Society for Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology Meeting "Protein Folding in Health and Disease" in Niagara on the Lake. Way to go!
May 09

Thanks to Bruker, we have a new E-free, triple-resonance static solids probe for use on Dal's 700 MHz instrument. Bicelles here we come... A couple of pictures of the probe are on the research page.
May 09

Welcome to Aaron and Kyung and welcome back to Mike and Caitlin!
Apr 09

Marie & David win travel awards for the Chemical Biophysics Symposium in Toronto. Way to go!
Apr 09

Big congrats to both David & Tyler for receiving NSERC CGS-D awards!!!
Apr 09

An NSERC Research Tools & Instruments grant will be providing us with an upgraded HPLC system with diode array detector and fraction collector this summer. Should be nice!
Feb 19 09

New 700 MHz with 2 biomolecular NMR cryoprobes officially open! See the [not entirely accurate] Chronicle Herald coverage.
Feb 15 09

Our apelin structural paper in Biochemistry appears to be popular!
Jan-Feb 09

Welcome to Pascaline & Hiren! (And, welcome to grad school, Marie!)
Dec 08

Thanks to the DMRF, we have a new multi-user chemically resistant lyophilizer en route.
Fall 08

The Rainey lab is happy to have additional operating funding from both CIHR & NSHRF. We are also grateful for critical partnership funding from the Dal Cancer Research Program.
Aug 08

David, Tyler and Jan present at the ICMRBS in sunny San Diego.
Aug 11 08

David passes his PhD Candidacy Exam. Good work, David!
July 5 08

Finally, a few new pictures up on the research page.
July 4 08

David receives a Research Skills Award from the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation coupled with funding from NANUC to attend the 2008 NMR Boot Camp at UConn in Connecticut!
July 2 08

Tyler passes his PhD Candidacy. Way to go, Tyler!
July 2 08

Jonathan chosen to attend "Rising Stars of Research" in Vancouver. Should be fun!
June 9 08

Lab wiki underway.
April 19 08

Dave & Tyler present at the Chemical Biophysics Symposium. Nice work, guys!
April 08

Two NSERC RTI grants coming our way: a high-end spectrofluorometer (with D. Byers & S. Bearne) and a gel documentation/imaging system (with M. Dobson, R. Singer, R. McLeod & S. Bearne)!
March 20 08

Tyler & David both awarded NSERC CGSM scholarships! Way to go guys!
January 30 08

Protein journal club wesite up and running. Click here.
January 21 08

Rainey lab has 3rd spectrum of the month in less than a year at NANUC!
January 10 08

2(!) NMR talks: Muzzadid Sarker from the Booth Group at MUN is giving a seminar from 2:30-3:30 in Tupper 14B2. This is followed by Ray Syvitski's Departmental Seminar at 4 pm in Theatre D.
November 23 07

Canadian Foundation for Innovation awards $150,000 Leaders Opportunity Fund grant to Dr. Rainey. This will go towards a sub-basement facility & scanning probe microscope.
November 3 07

Tyler & David present at the ARMRC Annual NMR Spectroscopy Workshop. Good work guys!
August 27 07

Faculty of Medicine funded peptide synthesizer installed. And works well!
June 15 07

DMRF funded Langmuir-Blodgett trough has arrived.
June 1 07

Thanks to the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine for an Intramural Grant ($20,000) for purchase of a peptide synthesizer.
May 1 07

NSERC Discovery Grant awarded to Dr. Rainey ($40,000/yr for five years).
Mar 19 07

Thanks to the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation and to the E. Gordon Young Fund for Equipment Grants!
Feb 19 07

A few photos of the lab taken from the point of view of two of the lab iMac's.
Dec 1 06

Move-in day for the new lab on 10th floor of Tupper. Pictures to follow
Nov 3 06

Brand new website up and operational under new domain:
Nov 1 06

Lab "open for business" (temporary digs).

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