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Aug 13 14

Congrats to Nigel on a strongly defended MSc!
July 14

Congrats to Kyung on his presentation at the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Protein Processing, Trafficking and Secretion!
July 14

Welcome (back) Nathan!
June 29-July 3 14

Congrats to Marie on her presentation at EUROMAR 2014 in Zürich!
May 23 14

Congrats to Adi and Muzaddid - Biochem Cell Biol paper on apelin receptor TM1-3 now published!
May 9 14

Congrats to Dr. Jolene Read on defending her thesis!
May 14

Hearty congrats to Kyung on being awarded an NSERC CGS-D, Dalhousie President's Award & status as a Killam Predoctoral Scholar!
May 14

Welcome to Ben, Johnny and Kate and welcome back to Danielle, Emily and Kathleen. Congrats to Emily, Kate and Kathleen on NSERC USRA scholarships!
Apr 9-14 14

Adi, Nigel and Jan present at the 2014 CSMB Meeting on "Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease" in spectacular Banff. Congrats to Nigel for winning a travel award!
Apr 14

Thanks to Dr. Craig McCormick for leading a successful NSERC RTI for a TIRF microscope here in the Tupper Building!
Mar 23-28 14

Congrats to Marie on both having her poster promoted to oral presentation and on winning a Student Travel Stipend at the 2014 ENC in Boston!
Feb 14

Welcome Lingling - now officially here as a PDF!
Jan 17 14

Congrats to our visiting PhD student Lingling on an outstanding defence at Donghau University!
Jan 14

Welcome to Doug and Emily for BIOC 3620!
Dec 3 13

Congrats to Dr. Tim Key on defending his thesis!
Dec 1-5 13

Congrats to Adi for winning a DMRF Weldon Travel Award to present his work at the 2013 GPCR Workshop organized in Maui by Nobel Laureate Brian Kobilka!
Oct 25-27 13

Adi, Jan, Kyung and Marie present at (and Robin goes along for the road trip to) NMR MOOT at Queen's in Kingston.
Sept 13

Welcome to Robin & welcome back to Sam!
Aug 28 13

Congrats to Lingling, Marie and Kathleen - FEBS Lett paper on wrapping silk W1 unit nanoparticles now out!
Aug 9 13

Congrats to Kyung and Adi - FEBS Open Bio paper showing the first proteolytic processing to produce bioactive apelin now published!
July 17 13

Big congrats to Kyung on a well-deserved transfer to the PhD program!
July 10 13

Congrats to Marie - collaborative paper in J Funct Biomater now published!
July 10 13

Road trip to CSC in Quebec - Adi, Jan, Kyung, Lingling, Marie, Muzaddid & Nigel all present. Big congrats to Marie on winning the Industrial Chemistry Division Presentation Award!
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Group - Fall 2021
First post lock-down group photo - Fall 2021
Research in the Rainey lab focuses on developing molecular- and atomic-level understanding of biological processes involving proteins. A variety of structural biology techniques are exploited, including NMR spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy alongside computation in order to use biophysical results.

We tackle two classes of protein that function in supramolecular assemblies: membrane proteins and fibrous proteins.

In the realm of membrane proteins, we currently focus on: (1) the
apelin receptor (APJ), a G-protein coupled receptor, its peptidic ligands and the processing of precursors of these ligands to produce bioactive forms; and, (2) the fusion-associated small transmembrane (FAST) proteins, a recently identified family of uniquely small viral membrane fusion proteins.

Our main fibrous protein of focus at the moment is a recombinant protein based on the type of silk spiders use to wrap their prey. This also happens to be one of the toughest known materials. We also use peptide synthesis and recombinant protein expression to engineer peptides capable of self-assembly that are inspired by collagen and intermediate-filament proteins.

We also have fun developing NMR methods to characterize other materials, such as soft polymeric nanoparticles.

The beautifully renovated laboratory is located on the 10th floor of the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building. Tupper is on Dalhousie's Carleton Campus right between downtown Halifax and the main (Studley) Dal campus. A big plus of being on the 10th floor is that the lab gives great views of the historic Halifax Citadel, downtown, Halifax Harbour, and the Atlantic Ocean.

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