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Group - Winter 2023
Group photo (June 2023):
Left - Right: David; Berna; Anupama; Jan; Zahra; Tam; Sara
Missing: Anastasiia

JKR Jan K. Rainey - Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; cross-appointments to Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering)

B.Sc. (Biochemistry) - Guelph, 1999
M.Sc. (Experimental Physical Chemistry) - Toronto, 2000
(Experimental Physical Chemistry)Toronto, 2003
Postdoctoral fellow (Protein NMR) - 
Alberta, 2003-2006

About Jan

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Faculty profile (Biomed Eng)
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Postdoctoral Fellow

Melissa Reith Melissa Reith - Mitacs Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellow in partnership with 3D BioFibR Inc.

B.Sc. (Chemistry) -
Karlsruhe Institute of Techology, 2015
M.Sc. (Chemistry)
- Karlsruhe Institute of Techology, 2017
Ph.D. (Chemistry)
- University of Ghent, 2022
Graduate Students

Sara Evans Sara Evans - Ph.D. program (Chemistry)

Member - NSERC CREATE Training Program in BioActives

B.Sc. (Physics) -
McMaster, 2021

Zahra Falahati Zahra Falahti - Ph.D. program (Biochem & Mol Biol; Co-supervisor: Dr. John Frampton)

B.Sc. (Cellular & Molecular Sciences) - Kharazmi, 2013

M.Sc. (Biochemistry) - Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, 2017

Bio: During my undergrad, I was involved in a project focused on investigating the reproductive side effects of Imidacloprid (IMI) insecticide on the development of Wistar rats. My Master's thesis was about the investigation of the effects of different physicochemical factors on the structure and stability of HIV-1 vaccine candidate recombinant Tat protein. Following graduation, I was involved in various professional and research activities in different fields including Medical Genetics, Biomedical Engineering, and Molecular Biology. I was engaged in academic and industrial laboratories as a research assistant, biomedical laboratory technologist, and R&D specialist. My Ph.D. project focuses on engineering silk-based biomaterials to promote nerve regeneration.

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Anu Ghimire Anupama Ghimire - Ph.D. program (Biochem & Mol Biol)

Member - NSERC CREATE Training Program in BioActives

B.Pharm. - Kathmandu, 2014

M.Sc. (Pharmacy) - Kyungpook National University, 2019

Berna Macin Berna Macin - M.Sc. program (Biochem & Mol Biol)

Member - NSERC CREATE Training Program in BioActives

B.Sc. (Chemistry) - Dalhousie, 2023

Tam Pham Tran Thanh Tam Pham - Ph.D. program (Biochem & Mol Biol)

(Chemistry & Biochemistry)Toronto, 2018
Member - NSERC CREATE Training Program in BioActives, 2019-2020

Tam's website

Undergraduate students
Emilia Cordova
Emilia Cordova - Biology Honours Student (2023-2024)

B.Sc. (Biology and Chemistry) - Dalhousie - in progress

Ryan DeFoa Ryan DeFoa - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Honours Student (2023-2024)

B.Sc. (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Dalhousie - in progress

David Tsitrin Rose (David) Tsitrin - Medical Sciences Honours Student and Summer Student (2022-2023)

B.Sc. Medical Sciences  - Dalhousie - in progress

Research Technician
Sophie Haverstock Sophie Haverstock

B.Sc. (Chemistry) - Dalhousie - 2023


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