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Group - Winter 2023
Group photo (June 2023):
Left - Right: David; Berna; Anupama; Jan; Zahra; Tam; Sara
Missing: Anastasiia
Group - Winter 2023
Group photo (February 2023 - Meike's farewell!):
Left - Front to Back: David; Jan; Meike; Sara
Right - Front to Back: Berna; Zahra; Anupama; Tam
Missing: Janna

Group - Fall 2022
Group photo (November 2022):
(Left-Right): Jan; Anupama; Meike; Tam; Janna; Sara
Missing: David

Group - Fall 2021
Group photo (November 2021 - first post-lockdown group photo!):
(Top row L-R):  Jan; Jayatee; Anupama; Farideh 
(Middle row L-R):  Nathan; Sara; Skylah; Anamika; Jay
(Bottom row L-R):  Tam; Jeff
Group - Fall 2020
Group photo (March 2021 - zoom screenshot):
(Top row L-R):  Jeff; Jan; Anamika
(Middle row L-R):  Lilly; Tam; Lizzy and Tchai
(Bottom row L-R): Anupama; Skylah

Group - Fall 2020
Group photo (September 2020 - zoom screenshot + add-ons):
(Top row L-R):  JanJeff; Jayatee
(Middle row L-R):  Anamika; Andy; Lizzy
(Bottom row L-R): Tam; Anupama; Lilly

Group - Nov 2018
Group photo (November 2018):
(Back row L-R): Isaac; Jeff; Chloe; Jan; Stefan; Andy;
(Front row L-R): Lingling; Anamika; Jake (Honours student with Andy and Dr. Paul Liu).
Missing: Bruce.
Group - May 2018
Group photo (May 2018):
(Back row L-R): Chang (summer/honours student with Dr. Paul Liu); Stefan; Isaac; Andy
(Front row L-R): Tran; Jeff; Jan; Lingling; Anamika.

Group - June 2016
Group photo (Fall 2016):
(L-R):  Calem; Andy; Nathan; Mona; Bruce; Kyung; Anamika; Jan; Lingling; Grant.

Group - June 2016
Group photo (June 2016 - Muzaddid's farewell)
(L-R):  Kate; Nathan; Kyung; Muzaddid; Jan; Calem; Bruce; Andy. .
Missing: Danielle; Lingling; Nigel (on tour somewhere).

Group - Oct 2014
Group photo (Oct 2014 - pre MOOT)
(Left-hand side - L-R from top to bottom):  Ben; Kyung; Marie; Nathan; Doug; Jessi; Danielle; Robin; Nigel.
(Right-hand side - L-R from top to bottom): Muzaddid; Aditya; Jan; Lingling; Kathleen; Bruce; Emily; Kate.
Missing: Calem.
Group - May 13
Group photo (May 2013)
(Back row - L-R): Nathan; Muzaddid; Kyung; Aditya; Jan; Nigel; Bruce.
(Front rows - L-R): Ellie; Danielle; Sara; Lingling; Marie; Kathleen.
Special guest: Donovan.
Missing:   Jolene; Sam; Tim.

CIHR team summer 2013
Team apelin/AR
(Summer 2013)
(L-R): Jan (+ Donovan); Kyung; Ellie; Adi; Danielle; and Nigel. Missing: Muzaddid.

Team sillk
  Team silk/collagen/coiled-coil (Summer 2013)
(L-R): Jan (+ Donovan); Nathan; Sara; Marie; Lingling; and Kathleen.

Group - Mar 12
Group photo following David's PhD defence (March 2012)
(Back row - L-R): Nathan; Nigel;Kyung; Dr. David Langelaan; Aditya; Jan; Bruce.
(Front row - L-R):  Pascaline; Lingling; Marie; Ryan.
Missing:  Aaron; Jolene; Lesley; Matthew; Muzaddid; Tim.
Dec 07 group
Majority of present & past "team apelin" members 
(Fall 2011)
(L-R): Nigel; Hiren; EricaAditya; David; Caitlin; Jan; Jordan; MuzaddidMatthew; Pascaline; Ryan and Kyung.
Team sillk
And, current team silk (Fall 2011)
(L-R): Marie and Lingling.
Dec 07 group
Group photo following Tyler's PhD defence
(July 2011)
Back row (L-R): Nigel; David; Aditya; Jordan; Ryan.
Middle row (L-R): Matthew; YuriChris; LinglingLesley; Erica.
Front row (L-R): Bruce; Dr. Tyler Reddy; Jan.
Missing: AaronJolene; KyungMarie;MuzaddidPascaline; and, Tim.
Dec 07 group
Group photo Summer 2010
. (L to R) Back 2 rows: Duncan; Chris Jan; David; Muzaddid; Bruce; TimCaitlin, AaronKyung. Front row: Pascaline; Lesley; EricaMarie; Jolene. Missing in action: Tyler.

Dec 07 group
Group photo Summer 2009
. (L to R) Back row: AaronHirenMarie; Jan; David; Mike.
Front row: Bruce; Kyung; Pascaline. Missing: Caitlin, Jolene & Tyler.
Feb 09 group
Group photo Feb 2009. (L to R) Pascaline; TylerMarieDavid; Jan; Hiren; BruceMike.
Or, take 2
Dec 07 group
Group photo - On the way back from Jiaxi & Meghan's farewell lunch May 2008. (L to R) Jiaxi; Jan; Marie; Meghan; Jonathan; CaitlinBruce; David; Mac; Mike. Missing: Tyler
Dec 07 group
Group photo - Christmas potluck. Dec. 2007. (L to R) JanMeghan; Tyler; David; Jiaxi. Missing: Bruce.

Sept 07 group
Group photo - Laura's farewell BBQ. Sept. 2007. (L to R) Bruce; Jan; David; Meghan; Tyler; Jiaxi; Laura. Missing: Nicolas.
Rainey group photo Apr/07
April 2007 - Mac, Jan, Mike & Nico.

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