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THe BuScr
Interactive Triple-Helical collagen Building Script

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Latest update: July 20, 2021

The paper describing THe BuScr is:

J.K. Rainey & M.C. Goh (2004) An interactive triple-helical collagen builder. Bioinformatics 20: 2458-2459.
Paper download (no subscription required).

If you use THe BuScr, please cite this paper. See the manual for additional, important references.

Please e-mail me with contact information to be added to our user list and receive information regarding updates the THe BuScr.

THe BuScr allows you to predict the three-dimensional structure of a triple-helical collagen molecule with the primary sequence of your choice. You have the ability:

    1. to tweak the manner in which the helical structure is assigned;

    2. to visualize triple-helix stability in terms of predicted local melting temperatures;

    3. to fully customize the open source Tcl/Tk script (GNU licensed);

    4. to fully customize the helical parameters and stability measures.

    5a. to predict all-atom Pro/Hyp (+ Ala) side-chains and interface this with SCWRL for remaining side-chain prediction.

    5b. or, to include side-chain terminal atom predictions. Uses method developed in: Rainey and Goh (2004), J Chem Inf Comput Sci, 44: 817-830.
Paper (521 kB PDF). And supplementary material (1.3 MB PDF.)


ver. 1.07a released - July 2021 (changes to documentation and HypScwrl3.tcl but not to main THeBuScr script)

ver. 1.07 released - June 2013

ver. 1.06 released - Oct. 2008

ver 1.05 finally released (Dec. 2006).

New host site at Dalhousie University (Nov. 2006).
To run THeBuScr you will need Tcl/Tk. We chose this freeware multi-platform scripting language due to its graphical interface capabilities independent of platform, the ease with which it allows file handling and management, and its ready customizability.

Follow this link to find Tcl/Tk for your platform of choice - right click to open in new window.

The goods:

By downloading one of these distributions, you are agreeing to the terms of the GNU General Public License. Please click here to read it before proceeding with a download.

THe BuScr & its documentation (~1.3 MB):

Version 1.07a (July 20, 2021). tgz format (Unix/Mac)zip format (Mac/Windows).
Note to Mac users: works from X11 or Terminal, but not Wish from Finder.
And: Stability under MS Windows has not been tested yet - please send me feedback on Windows performance!

Note: Adobe Acrobat or Reader (free) required to read the documentation. Get Adobe Reader

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